Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tabloid Reporter sneaks in the Intensive Care Unit to take picture of Dolphy...

Tsk tsk tsk...

The family of the Comedy King appealed for respect after a Tabloid Reporter sneak into Dolphy's room in ICU and tried to take a photo.

Ronnie Quizon, one of Dolphy's son, said that they have been very open to the public about their father's condition. They have been entertaining interviews from the media and constantly updating the viewing public. But they also appeal for respect and hope that people will understand their situation.

Earlier today, they confirmed that Dolphy is stable but remains in critical condition. However, vitals are slightly improving.

For all those who wish to see Dolphy in his current condition, Zsa-zsa Padilla has shared a photo of Dolphy with her while they are in Makati Medical Center.

This photo is taken last June 17, Father's Day. Zsa-zsa shared this in her twitter and Facebook account.

Continue praying Cute-rs for Dolphy and his family.


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