Saturday, June 02, 2012

Survey Says: Swimming Pools Are Public Toilet Bowls for Many

♪ Rainy days are here again ♪ ( I think that was a song...) But here I am not yet done talking about summer, swimming and alike. So anyway, how many among you Cute-rs want to take a swim here:

Woah! That was too many...

The sad news is with these people chances are half of them are urinating on the pool. It's not a gross issue but a fact according to survey. And another sad news many of them do not take a shower before dipping into the pool.

I don't want to talk about the health hazardous of this gross facts but it is real and it is happening.

Summer should be fun, worry free, stress free and disease please  DO NOT URINATE on the swimming pool.

So do you still think it is refreshing to take swim this summer? -- well I still do. =P

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