Friday, June 01, 2012


For the month of June I am displaying the picture below in my Facebook cover photo.

For minutes I've been rummaging through every Facebook Cover Photo website I see to find the best photo that can best describe what I feel and want as for this month of June. I changed trice.

After searching and thinking I went down to this one photo I have saved on my folder. It's message is simple: SMILE.

This past month is really tough when it comes to time and work and juggling the two is really insane and I was having a really really difficult time. A lot of things are being compromised and I think I am not handling it the best way I can.

As much as I want I can't fulfill everything on my plate. Time is really difficult to manage especially if you don't have much of it.

As I welcome a new month I am expecting progress.

I am positive that things would get better, it may not be perfect but I know I will carry on. I pray for a less stressful days and a more productive ones. -- and slowly, I think, I think I am getting there...

just smiling,

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