Friday, June 29, 2012

SkyCable is bigger and better!

...with P1-Billion to spend SkyCable will focus on digitization efforts.

SkyCable Corp is now the largest and the leading cable television operator in the Philippines. Where they now have 700,000 subscribers.

Managin director, Carlo Katigbak of SkyCable said, “Last month, we purchased the assets of Destiny Cable. This adds to roughly around 180,000 subscribers to SkyCable, which now has 700,000. So right now, on a national basis we control about 45 percent of the cable TV market,”

In Metro Manila alone, almost 95% has already converted to digital TV. Katigbak added, “Hopefully, by end of the year the shift from regular cable TV to digital TV would have reached 100 percent,” 

SkyCable Corp will purchase more digital boxes which is essential in forming a cable TV piracy in every home.

How about you Cute-rs, have you switched to SkyCable already?


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