Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Simple ways to lose those extra pounds...

Are you Cute-rs trying to get rid of those stubborn extra and unwanted fats?

We are on the same side. Aside from jogging, sit-ups and cutting on carbs I saw on the net these simple ways that says it can cut those extra fats. Join me Cute-rs in reading down below:

1. Drink Water after Breakfast.
-it says that we make water our main drink for the whole day. Water only.

2. Do a 1,000 steps mark!
-hmmm...I think we need to buy a pedometer for this. Now this made me think if I am doing 1,000 steps a day. Does jogging counts? Brisk walking probably and jogging is good too.

3. Eat small meals a day
-yup, I heard this one. And this absolutely works!

4. Walk for 45 minutes per day
-how about less than 45 like 30?

5. Stick to the color Blue
-why? studies shows that blue acts as a hunger depressant. Hmmm...this way we won't think about eating. Bright idea...

6. Use small plates
-well, this goes with #3. This way it will help us to prevent getting too much  food on our plate.

7. Eat veggies on every meal.
-fair enough, I like veggies.

8. Cut down on sweets!
-now, this is not that simple...

9. Try Black Coffee
-I did this before but not too black.

10. No white food as much as possible.
-normally white foods are the ones who are rich in calories, that figures.

11. Help yourself on a bowl of cereal
-we need more fiber and calcium in our daily diet.

12. Eat slowly and calmly
-this way it helps our digestive system to work properly.

13. Spicy foods helps decrease our kilos.
-example: peppers, sauce, Salsa

14. Eat fruit than drink it.
-it cuts off the extra calories added to make it a juice.

Ok so I have read and understood these simple ways to lose extra kilos. Well, let's see if we can do at least half of the list ok Cute-rs?!

Go go go healthy lifestyle!


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