Friday, June 01, 2012

Showing or Hiding Face?

This is ridiculous...

An 11 year-old boy survived a Syria massacre. He was interviewed after the incident.

I won't go into details since I am not into that but his photo and video caught my attention...

So are you showing

or hiding?

The first photo is a still picture of the young boy while the second photo is a video. I watched the first few minutes and the face of the boy is in blur.

My main concern is that, topic like this is best to hide picture of a minor. Well, not only this kind of topic but a picture of a child should not be out in public.

When I first saw the photo and the video I was like, "What? What are they thinking?" -- jeez. So frustrating... I  guess they can't decide whether they are showing or hiding the face of this innocent boy.

So are you showing or hiding? Make up your mind!!!

just saying,

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