Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ruffa Gutierrez quits on Paparazzi! (3rd Update with Video)

...and she goes ballistic on her own show too!

On Ruffa Gutierrez' birthday celebration on Paparazzi she is not happy with the outcome of the said celebration.

She said in her twitter account,


"Hindi ako natutuwa sa birthday presentation ng Paparazzi para sa akin. Wala kayong kwenta at wala kayong respeto."

"Hindi nyo man lang naisip na nanonood ang mga anak ko! Yung head ng PROGRESS Gold Milk of Wyeth was at the studio, my friends were watching."
"Binastos ako ng #Paparazzi on my birthday. I'm so sorry but THE BUZZ would never do this to me. EVER!"

"From this day on, I will no longer be part of Paparazzi. I will never tolerate DISRESPECT in any form done to me, to my children or to my beloved viewers,"

"I refuse to be part of trashy reporting that degrades people or shames others. #Paparazzi"
"Lorin & Venice were watching #Paparazzi earlier cuz they were excited to see my reaction on the handmade card/note they made for me."
"I know God will provide work for me in other ways so I can take care of my daughters,"

Before Ruffa quits, Annabelle Rama, her mom also commented on twitter about how Paparazzi became disrespectful.

Annabelle tweets:
"Dapat tanggalin na yang mga bobong writers ng Paparazzi! Walang mga utak, mga abnormal, mga maniac!"

"Akala nila natutuwa ang mga viewers sa mga kabastusan nila? Hoy mga baklang writers ng Paparazzi magsilayas na kayo dyan!"

"Kaya di nagre-rate ang show kasi puro kalibugan at kabaklaan! Tanghaling tapat puro tit* ang topic!"

"Naubusan na ba kayo ng ideas? Dapat yang mga malilibog na baklang writers ng paparazzi ilagay sa 2am na slot, di sa tanghali!"

"May mga batang nanunood sa inyo, katulad ng mga apo ko! Inaabangan nila ang bday celebration ng mommy nila!"

"Bitayin patiwarik ang mga bwisit at bastos na bading sa paparazzi! Mga bwisit kayo! Tanggalin at palitan na ang mga bobo na yan!"

"Di ba naman mga tanga, ang daming pambatang commercials, puro kalibugan ang topic? Stupid! idiot!"
A mother and daughter rant, but who could blame them?

TV5 has yet to release a statement regarding the matter.

If I understand it corrently Paprazzi is reporting disgusting news that is not appropriate in a noon time slot. And unfortunately it happened on Ruffa's birthday celebration.

Will soon expand on this issue so stay tuned Cute-rs!

2nd Update:

I watched Paparazzi for the first time. Now I know why they are not rating. Their show is not worth watching. Anyway, here's what happened to Ruffa why she quits her own show:

In the last episode of their show, each host will whisper a question to Ruffa and she is required to asnwer. The only option for answer are 1) Aga Muhlach 2) Zoren Legaspi 3) Robin Padilla. The first one who asked the question was Cristy Fermin, followed by Mariel Rodrigues, Jeffrey "Mr. Fu" Espiritu and lastly Zoren Legaspi.

On Mr. Fu's question he asked Ruffa on cam "Who has the biggest...?" Ruffa answered with "Alam mo, you're so gross. I am not answering that. Wala akong alam diyan. Next question. Hindi ko sasagutin 'yan,"

Ruffa stood up and thanked her sponsors and fans to avoid more questions.

While the hosts are ending the show Ruffa appeared uneasy.

In TV5's response to the incident they posted a brief statement on their website and said that they are “seriously  concerned” to what has transpired. And "vowed to launch an investigation into the matter."

TV5 official statement: “TV5 management is seriously concerned about the turn of events today at Paparazzi and is now looking into the incident. We promise everyone that we shall take appropriate action”.

Well I hope they do something about this. It maybe full of laugh and joke to them but to others it's not all that.

3rd Update:

Here's Paparazzi's video on Ruffa Gutierrez' birthday celebration with a bang!

'till next time Cute-rs!

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