Thursday, June 28, 2012

One Rainy Thursday Morning!

Hello Cute-rs! How's your day?

Since last night it's been raining hard. Earlier today, the rain slows down. There's a typhoon that's heading towards North and it's called Dindo. 

So, for today my hubby and I wasn't able to jog. Not just because of the rain but because of an errand. We went to the airport. We got something from a friend. It's his computer's power supply and it needs to be repaired.

While on the road I can't help but notice cigarette vendors who are in the middle of the road just to sell cigarettes to drivers. Their number 1 customers are the Jeepney Drivers.

I know smoking is banned in most public places in the Philippines as well as in public transportation. Land Transportation Franchising & Regulatory Board enforced a smoke-free policy on public utility vehicles, and it is so ironic how jeepney drivers ignore this ban.

It is never a secret what smoking can do to our bodies. The harmful effects of smoking is dead serious. Smoking can kill and so on and so forth...but how come most people can't resist the urge to smoke nor stop it entirely?

I'm not a smoker so that is why getting the logic of smokers is really difficult for me to understand. I can't even understand what they get from smoking.

No one can force anything at anyone, but there is one thing I want to say, if you are to smoke do it with no one beside you or do it somewhere far. Just be considerate to others who does not smoke. For second hand smoke is dangerous too.

After that, we ate late breakfast at Chic-Boy. I'm hungry so I got my self a Fresh Lumpia and Turones de Leche.

Fresh Lumpia

Turones de Leche

Then we head home. At 10, I began my work.

It's only 10:00 AM and I felt that we have done a lot of things already, Yay!

la la la,

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