Thursday, June 21, 2012

McDonald’s Ice Cream Sundae in a Cone

Lately, I have been liking McDonald's Ice Cream Sundae Cone. Which is new for me since I don't crave for ice cream.

Ice Cream Sundae Strawberry Flavor:

Ice Cream Sundae Ube Flavor:

Ice Cream Sundae Chocolate Flavor:

Ice Cream Sundae Vanilla Flavor:

So I was holding Ice Cream did I ate all of them...uhm yeah.

How did your day go? Mine's very much ok! For two weeks now I'm back to being diurnal. And I am happy. ღ

For the longest time I was a nocturnal. Why? Well, it's work related. During those times that I was a nocturnal, I felt the time and days went too fast. It's a little bit quiet too. The places to go to was limited and the things to do was so few. That was the time that I get to watch a LOT of T.V. series. Life is somehow different. But from time to time we managed to squeezed in some time out with friends and attend some social gatherings, and that's it.

I now realized I have missed a lot. Today, I get to do a lot of things for I felt that the day is longer now. I get to finished a lot of things. I, together with my hubby get to jog Mondays-to-Fridays. I get to finish work and run errands too. I get to fit a lot of things in one day. That's amazing! I feel healthier and everything is in proper order.

I get to experience the best of both waking world so I have no regrets what so ever. If work calls for me to be awake at night, I will do it. If not I would retain my schedule. As you can see I have a very flexible hours. I can adjust it to whatever it is most needed. So basically my life goes in cycle.

But for the moment I am savoring my schedule for the time being...

How about you Cute-rs? What's in it for you?


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