Friday, June 29, 2012

Lady Gaga's new song "Princess Die"

Lady Gaga has a new treat for her Melbourne fans, A Suicidal-Themed Song "Princess Die".

In Lady Gaga's concert in Australia where the fans heard Gaga's new song while sitting on a motorbike-shaped piano.

Gaga said, "So this song may or may not be on my next album. I wrote it a little while ago and I've never ever played it for anyone,"

She even explained the meaning of her new song, "So this song is a little bit sad and it's in no way reflective of the rest of the music on the album, but it's about some of the most personal thoughts I've ever had. It's called 'Princess Die', D-I-E." 

"Leave the coffin open when I go/And leave my pearls and lipstick on so everybody knows,"

"I wish I could cope, but I took pills and left a note/I'm hungry from an anorexic heart/I've been trying to tell you how I feel, but was never very smart/I'm wrapped in silks made for Egyptian queens/I'll do it in the swimming pool so everybody sees."  

Is it a Yay or Nay!


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