Sunday, June 17, 2012

John Lloyd Cruz said he is approaching obsolete stage...

...that's harsh...

John Lloyd Cruz said in an interview he thinks he is approaching 'has-been' stage. He said, "Ako, feeling ko palaos na nga ako eh. Siguro kasi sa'kin trabaho ko 'to but this is not my life. Trabaho ko 'to, I'm not going to die for this,"

"I have a feeling that it is coming to an end. I'm glad it's happening. Meaning nage-evolve ka na rin 'di ba?" he added.

With the ever fast changing showbiz world where there's always new celebrities John Lloyd thinks he needs to evolve to phase up. Life-expectancy for celebrities are too short according to him. That is why he is taking on the challenge of a new movie with Bea Alonzo "The Mistress"

"The Mistress" is a an upcoming movie under the direction of Olivia Lamasan. According to the writer John Lloyd will play a "sexy" role in this film -- which was earlier pegged for actors Sam Milby and Derek Ramsay. Since they chose John Lloyd, this is definitely new for him.

At first, John Lloyd is not sure if he can pull this off since the story was looking for a very well-traveled, self-confident man, with a natural swagger and sexy. This is something that John Lloyd hasn't done before. John Lloyd's role is often the cutie good boy who tries to win a girl's heart. But this role for him is a new one. It will be full of adventure - I'm sure!

For me, John Lloyd Cruz is far from being obsolete but he is merely evolving...

always a JLC fan,

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