Friday, June 08, 2012

Hair Pampering Day!

Hi Cute-rs! Yesterday I had a break on work and other house-hold stuff but given myself a good hair pampering.

I have to share this to you Cute-rs because I just my love my new hair. I am happy with the outcome of how my hair went. I had long straight, dull and dry hair before. Yes, I had neglected my hair far too long now. But yesterday is different. I spent almost the whole day pampering my hair.

From straight long hair I now have layered style for my hair. The hairdresser spent quite long hours in doing my hair. Since he said I had thick hair. And so he wanted make sure it was layered nicely. After the hair cut, I had my hair treatment, it was called 'cellophane'. I'm not so familiar with different kinds of treatment but the result is great. After I had cellophane on my hair it becomes shiny, smooth and light plus it gets to cover my gray hair. -- perfect!

I just love my new hair cut!

My daughter also had her hair done. She had trimmed her hair and loose 2 inches and had her hair reborn also. It made her hair more smooth and shiny.

Isn't yesterday a lovely day?!


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