Saturday, June 02, 2012

Green Lantern is Gay! - What?!

Our muscled guy up there is gay announced by DC Comics. In 1940's when Alan Scott, Green Lantern's human alter-ego, first appeared he was then introduced as homosexual. And next month when they released the "Earth 2" episode of DC Comics they will confirm it.

Take a look:

For the past months Gay are slowly being accepted in our community, a lot of changes occur. Like the acceptance of Transgender to compete in Miss Universe and President Obama's support for same sex marriage are two of the biggest issues we have.

And I guess DC are supporting the Gay community as well. Typically, when we say Hero, it is male, strong, brave and often good looking. But Green Lantern is different.

Well, I think it is not bad to have a gay long as he/she can save the planet why not?!

How about you Cute-rs, what can you say?

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