Saturday, June 23, 2012


Friday last week I had a promise so here it is...

It's been quite a while since I jog again. I remember my hubby and I used to go biking. It's fun but I don't get sweat easily. We then switch to jogging. However, our desire to jog and loose extra pounds didn't last. Often it comes then it goes. It's because of our schedule.

The good new is that my hubby and I found the perfect schedule for it.  And I love it! So every morning Mondays to Fridays we jog at the park near our place, at around 7:00 AM onwards.

This time I'm determined to loose those extra fats. I'm also into sit-ups so the flabs on my belly would go away (I hope).

Since we go on an everyday basis, we get to recognize familiar faces. There are the elderly people mostly male, another one who can barely walk but he is there everyday and do his walk-on-the-park routine There are the athlete people, mostly male. There are women  about on their 30's. And the funny thing is that there are the elderly females, who's in jog attire but they are just sitting on a bench and talking their hearts-out!

When I see them there, I knew they have the same goal. To loose extra pounds and to say fit.

Aside from doing my thing in the morning, I am also cutting off on carbo on my diet. This way I hope to achieve my 100lbs goal. (✿◠‿◠)

...10lbs. to loose...go go go!

Happy Weekend Cute-rs!


joiz said...

We have the same goal.I need to loose my flabs in 2 months! Waahhh! I grew so fat in 6 months! BTW, heard the park requires joggers to get ID's from the homeowner's assn...implemented na ba?

ShawCute said...

The guards are asking, pero I'm sure marami pa ring walang ID dun like us hehe...