Monday, June 11, 2012

Effects of Pacquiao losing to Bradley...

Ok so I am still not yet through with Pacquiao losing to who's not affected?

People are talking, some are crying while others are disgusted...

Jinkee Pacquiao, Manny's wife, said, "Pacman's loss is God's will". She revealed that she cried after her children said that they still consider their dad as the winner.

And of course, who can forget Mommy D.

Mommy Dionesia fainted after announcing that Pacquiao lose to Bradley. Tsk tsk tsk

Hollywood celebrities expresses their disappointment through twitter:

Justine Timberlake: I'm gonna let it go... After I say this... Boxing was RUINED tonight for me.
Jessica Sanchez: Congrats to the new winner but I'm still really upset about the results :(
Bruno Mars: Pac man 4 life
Miley Ray Cyrus: I couldn't agree more with the trending topics #mannypacquiaoisstilltheworldsbestboxer
Snoop Dogg: Ain't that sum bullshit Boxing is a wrap. Going bacc on that ultimate fighting
Oscar De La Hoya: Bradley should have given the belt and announce victory to paquiao right after the decision.
Mario Lopez: I'm so disgusted. The JUDGES need to be drug tested! What fight were they watching?! I called the international broadcast and was on the...apron and Pacquiao simply outclassed him. Wasn't even close in my eyes... Unbelievable. So disappointed in my sport. Boxing is killing me

A lot of Filipino mourns first for Jessica Sanchez after losing the title of American Idol Season 11 title, and now Manny Pacquiao lose to a a fight I guess...which is very difficult to swallow since we all knew he didn't lose at all.

Anyway, all must go on. There is still a re-match to look forward to...

I hope the next time will be good news for all Filipinos and Cute-rs out there!


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