Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dolphy is now cleared of pneumonia!

Dolphy is now Lucid according to Dr. Eric Nubla, director of the MMC's patient relations.

It's been nearing 3 weeks since the King of Comedy was rushed to the hospital due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). And after a few days in the hospital, Dolphy became critical. People from in and out of showbizness are praying for an ailing Dolphy.

Today, Dr. Eric Nubla confirmed that Dolphy has been cleared of pneumonia and is now lucid.

"[Dolphy] is lucid, he answers back by nodding his head, raises his eyebrows, lifts his hands minimally, and winces and grimaces. He squeezes family members' hands and tries to mouth words and smile,"

"He has been cleared of pneumonia, but continues to remain to have some infection in his system,"

"He needs blood transfusions, which he gets. As of this time (announcement of medical bulletin), he is undergoing dialysis,"

"These are all good signs. However, because of the tracheostomy, he is unable to speak,"

Dolphy's family is hanging on and are happy with the slowly turn of events. And yesterday, he smiled.

The Comedy King Dolphy remains in Makati Medical Center's Intensive Care Unit as of this writing. Family and friends are continue visiting him, one personality who went to the hospital is Manny Villar. Dolphy was one of the celebrities who have endorsed Villar in his presidential campaign in 2010.

More updates in the coming days, so stay tuned Cute-rs and please continue praying.


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