Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dolphy Celebrated Father's Day in ICU

Happy Father's Day to all Dad's out there...♥♥♥

The Comedy King was rushed at Makati Medical Center Saturday Morning, June 9 due to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Amid's Dolphy's escalating health concerns sons and grandsons of Dolphy said that he is responding to medications and thanking all friends and fans for the prayers.

Today on Father's Day, Comedy King's family celebrated it with him!

Dolphy's long-time partner, Zsa-zsa Padilla posted on her twitter the photo above. She said Zia, her daughter with Dolphy, decorated the comedian's ICU room.

Comedy King's ICU room is full of colorful decorations especially made for him from his sons and daughters.

Eric Quizon said, "Currently, his vitals are all in order and he is responding to treatment very well. However, he is still under close observation and round-the-clock intensive care to make sure he recovers well".

I would like to offer prayers to Dolphy for his fast recovery. I hope he gets well soon...

My hubby's Father's Day celebration is simple. We went out with friends and had a few laughs then an early dinner. Days like this is extra special since this is the time that people get to remember their dads and make time for them.

Quality time for my family is not scarce. Me, my hubby and my daughter always finds time to be together, do things together, eat together and go out together.

So to all Cute-rs out there that still have their Dad with them this is a good start to make memories...

To my Tatay in heaven, Happy Father's Day! I wish you are still here...


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