Friday, June 15, 2012

Comedy King Dolphy is in Stable Condition

Last Saturday, June 9, Dolphy was rushed to the hospital...

Epis Quizon, one of Dolphy's son released a statement yesterday:

“My dad was sent to the hospital last Saturday because of pneumonia. This made him weak because of his COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). They had to attach a respirator in order to help him breathe.  

Currently, his vitals are all in order and he is responding to treatment very well. However, he is still under close observation and round the clock intensive care to make sure he recovers well.  

Thank you for your love and prayers.  Maraming salamat from the bottom of his heart.”

Last April 2, Dolphy released a video of himself, thanking his fans for all the prayers and to prove that he is not seriously ill or had passed away.

People from showbizness are relieved of the news. On July 25, the King of Comedy will celebrate his 85th Birthday. Zsa-zsa Padilla, Dolphy's partner said, they will celebrate Dolphy's birthday at home.

~oh I like Dolphy and I hope he gets well very soon...


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