Monday, June 18, 2012

BB Gandanghari and Zoren Legaspi in one project!

So what is this project that BB and Zoren will do together?

BB Gandanghari and Zoren Legaspi are both cast in a new Teleserye in TV5. This is the network's first fantaserye, entitled "Enchanted Garden".

BB's role will be a rich and snobbish owner of a beauty spa. The excitement lies to the secrets that BB is hiding.

Both Carmina's past and present partners are excited to do a project together. They will be joined by Alice Dixson, Ruffa Gutierrez, Rufa Mae Quinto, Gladys Reyes, and Alex Gonzaga.

"Enchanted Garden" is expected to air this July 2012 in TV5.

In other showbiz news but still in "Enchanted Garden" casting, Gladys Reyes is back for another villain role. She was known for her role in Mara Clara. Just recently she finished a Teleserye from ABS-CBN as a loving wife and mother in "Wako-Wako".

At the story conference of  "Enchanted Garden" Gladys said she miss being a villain and she is excited to do this project because of BB. She said, she has worked with Rustom, BB's old identity before and would like to work with the new BB now.

Hmmm...exciting, too bad I'm not a 'Kapatid'.


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