Thursday, May 31, 2012

Up for grabs: Michael Jackson's hand written letter to Lisa Marie Presley

Another up for grabs, who wants to buy?

Between the years 1993 to 1996 Michael Jackson already had trouble sleeping. To prove this he wrote a letter to his wife then Lisa Marie Presley, who was married to Jackson from 1994 to 1996.

"I truly need this rest. I haven't slept litterally in 4 days and I need to be away from phones and business people. I must take care of my health first. Im' crazy for you. Love, Turd," 

Apparently this is The King of Pop's hand writing and he has revealed his nickname which is Turd.

This piece of paper holds a touch of Michael Jackson's personal life and will be opened for auction at Julien's Auctions in Beverly Hills.

Like I told you Cute-rs, we sell almost anything and everything.

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