Saturday, May 05, 2012

TV Pick: Supernatural Season 7 Episodes 11-15

It's been awhile since the last time watched "Supernatural". I realized, I miss Dean and Sam Winchester. The famous evil/creature fighting brothers!

Supernatural Season 7 Episode 11: Adventures in Babysitting
While Dean and Frank try to figure out the numbers from Bobby's clue, Sam tries to help a young girl search for her missing father.
Oh, I just remembered Bobby died in the last episode...☹

Supernatural Season 7 Episode 12: Time After Time
After attacking Chronos, the time god, Dean is sent back to 1944.
I enjoyed watching this going back to the past thingy. ☺

Supernatural Season 7 Episode 13: The Slice Girls
Sam and Dean go up against the Amazons as they go on a killing spree. But it's twice as difficult for Dean because one of them is his daughter.
I believe it's Dean's daughter...all of it. But in their life now they can't afford to have a family. Too risky!

Supernatural Season 7 Episode 14: Plucky Pennywhistle's Magic Menagerie
Sam and Dean are stumped. Somehow, a group of children's personal fears are becoming a reality and killing off a parent that each child has a certain hatred for.
Monster in the closet is an old cliche.

Supernatural Season 7 Episode 15: Repo Man
Four years ago, Sam and Dean exercised a demon serial killer. Now he's back for revenge.
An old story from Dean's past is back to hunt him again. Yet, I like the old story...I want to know what will happen to Dean.

While watching the last episode, I had a talk with my cousin. She told me her plans, what she want to happen. Basically she wanted to bear a child. In her condition this is not easy, but we pray for it to happen. I know she needs this, and I pray that God grants her prayers.

So much drama for one night huh? ~ just sharing

keep smiling Cute-rs!

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