Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tuesday Happening

Hello Cute-rs, how's your Tuesday? Mine's simple, productive (I think and I'm trying), fast and fine.

To begin with, my Hubby and I went to a new supermarket. Actually it was an old supermarket named Makro, but was bought by SM and converted it to SM Hypermarket. We didn't enjoyed our grocery shopping since we only bought a few. Because they don't have many varieties of items to choose from. The place was so huge but the items are so few.

Plus, we didn't saw what we are looking for. My hubby craves for Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter but they don't have stock. - Too bad!

My first photo above is a cute cheese that we saw (but not the one we want though). It was individually packed. Can you see, it's a cute cheese by Babybel. - No we didn't buy it.

Here we also saw Kraft Singles - it looks appetizing. But then again this is not we are looking for.

We were not happy about our groceries so my hubby decided to take a stroll before going home.

We went to Mini Stop to grab...

that's me ッ Ice Cream

 Then I saw their Toppers and I thought of trying one for myself so I ordered Sisig.
Not bad, I enjoyed my food.

Then we decided to visit a friend on his store (which is open almost 24 hours =P). We had a few chat and a few laugh.

After that we head home...

...where my family and I share a piece of cake - Ultimate Chocolate Cake by Red Ribbon. I must add, my Tuesday is simple, productive (I think and I'm trying), fast, fine and full.

Happy Tuesday Cute-rs!

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