Saturday, May 12, 2012

Six Mother's Day Special!

Happy Amazing Mother's Days!

Featured above are the a family of six-generations of daughters from Virginia. The matriarch of the family is  Mollie Wood who was born in 1901 and just celebrated her 111th birthday. Beside her is her great great great granddaughter, Braylin Marie Higgins, the youngest addition to the family.

Their secret to their longevity is ornery and resilience according to one of the daughters. Well, they got a lot of reasons to celebrate this mother's day! -- and that is totally astonishing!

Here are the Six Generations Daughters:

Mollie Wood 111 years old
Louise Minter 88 years old
Bette Goodson 70 years old
Marlo Shifflett 38 years old
Savannah Shifflett 16 years old
Braylin Marie Higgins 7 weeks

What at great SIX reasons to smile!

Happy Mother's Day Cute-rs!

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