Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Simple House Tips 101

We sometimes experience irritating problems at home. Often we don't know what to do when in fact there are an easy way to solve this domestic problems. The following are some simple household tips:

1. How to avoid irritating ants.

I've tried almost everything that I can think off and almost every tips I heard but none actually works long term. I read that ants hate cucumbers. What we need to do is to keep cucumber's skin in place or in ant's hole.

2. How to remove chewing gums on clothes.

This is a common problem at home. Yes removing chewing gums on clothes is really difficult. First, we put our clothes with chewing gum stain inside the freezer for an hour or so before we try to remove them. Try it!

3. How to whitens white clothes.

This is an old laundry problem, of course we want to maintain our white clothes white. To do this without using detergent chemicals, is to use only water and lemon. Soak white clothes in hot water and a slice of lemon for 10 minutes. Then let's see the result...

4. How to remove ink stain from clothes.

If you will Google it, there are numerous solutions to how we can remove ink stains from clothes. I'd like to add to this list too. What we need to do is put a generous amount of tooth paste in the ink spot in our clothes then we let it to dry completely before washing. I sure hope this works!

5. How to make our hair shine.

Admit it girls, we often try every shampoo or any hair treatment we know just to make our hair shine. If you are tired of trying almost everything why not give a vinegar a chance? yup--vinegar. Add one teaspoon of vinegar to hair then wash.

6. How to avoid tears while chopping onions.

Who among you cries when chopping an onion? To avoid this you can wash your onions and your knife first or just chew gum. Plain and simple.

7. How to make your mirror shine.

Just wipe it with alcohol.

I hope the tips above somehow help to your simple problems at home...

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