Sunday, May 13, 2012

Season 2 for "The Secret Circle" has been cancelled!

I won't be seeing more of my secret circle witchy friends anymore...

It's a sad news to know that I won't see Cassie Blake, Adam Conant, Faye Chamberlain and Diana Meade anymore. They are the characters from "The Secret Circle" -- one of the many T.V. Series that I am currently watching.

That sucks! I love witching powers and spells....

It has been formally announced that there will be no more "The Secret Circle" after their final episode last Thursday night. :(

Thank you Britt Robertson, Thomas Dekker, Phoebe Tonkin, Shelley Hennig and the rest of the casts of "The Secret Circle" for the great 22 episodes.

I hope someday, they will produce a series that would star witches like they did on "Charmed". -- I think that would be soooo cool!

Until then Cute-rs, rest well!

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