Saturday, May 05, 2012

PBB Teen Edition Season 4

I've been meaning to do this entry regarding PBB Teen Season 4 housemates. Why? -- because there are something to say about each one of them.

I've bee a fan of PBB since the beginning. I watched them all, PBB, PBB Teen Edition, PBB Celebrity Edition. And now: PBB Teen Edition Season 4

I'd like to begin with the first evictee:

1. Vincent Buduan Manlapaz

This guy here is the first one to come out of PBB's house. Why? No body's really paying attention to this guy. He's like a wallpaper. It's ok if he's there or NOT.

2. Tom Johnson Doromal

Big Brother is right, this guy smiles a lot. He is one of PBB's low profile. He seems like a kind person.

3. Roy Dela Cerna Requejo

He came from the not so comfortable family life style, thus, he learned about life in his early days. He became responsible and he works hard for his family. He is used to living a simple life despite the hardships that life brings him. One of the few who do chores and cooks around the house.

4. Ryan M Boyce

Ryan is a sporty fanatic who loves to play around. He's living a comfortable life. One look and you'll think he is a brat but mind you, I think he has a soft spot and a kind heart. One of my bet inside the house. He also do chores and cooks around the house. Really surprising for a "brat-like" like him.

5. Yves Romeo C. Flores

One of PBB Teen Edition Season 4's lover boy. Who can forget his love confession to Myrtle? -- Too early buddy?! Too early...

6. Alec Brandon Chai Dungo

He is a cutey with a brainy. He is the silent and decent type among the male housemates. No bad impression here.

7. Keith San Esteban Thompson

A tall, white and handsome looking guy with an attitude. Yeah, with a BIG attitude. He has a very sharp tongue. He talks like he don't care if it's offending or not. And most of the time he is offending. Career wise he is successful at this young age, he models, that's what he does. And of course another lover boy inside the house. First week, he thought he was in love with Karen, (another housemate), and the next he likes Myrtle. So who is it really?! -- I think he just wants to play.

That's the end of our 7 guy housemates. In Totality, guys for this season are OK.

And now the girls on PBB Teen Edition 4:

1. Joj Martin G Agpangan

And this is one the twins inside the house, meet Joj, she is a jolly person. One of the first housemates who enters the house. -- I like her to win this edition. (my bet as of today, May 5, 2012)

2. Jyra May G. Agpangan

This is Jai, Joj's twin sister. They are considered as one housemate. Same as Joj, she is jolly too. For both of them, I think they are the best girls housemate inside the house. No insecurities, they are not attention seeker, and no pretensions.

3. Myrtle Abigail Porlucas Sarrosa

A girl who loves cosplaying. She even entered the house in a costume of her favorite anime character. A brainy student with full of emotions. Most guys like her, probably because she is kind on the outside and charming too. I can't say much but lately I think she is getting overly dramatic. -- Cool it down girl?!

4. Mariz Bejer Raneses

She came from a simple family, she sacrifice her youth and worked instead. She rants less inside the house and she also keeps a minimum profile for herself.

5. Angelika Felize Barbaza Javier

She keeps her distant but she say what she feels like saying. A not-so low profile for she speaks her mind. But she is one of those that the-house-can-survive-without type of housemate.

6. Clodet Ann B. Loreto

She is a safe housemate. I think too safe. This is her strategy so her housemate won't nominate her. -- But this does not mean she is worthy. Hmmm...I don't like her. She talks too much.

7. Karen Mae Reyes

She is one girl with very strong personality. She speaks her mind - out loud. She screams, she cries, she talks and rants as she pleases. She is longing for a best friend, as she says.  I think she has the prettiest face for this season. I just hope her personality is as pretty as she looks. -- well, let's see...

8. Claire Bercero

This is Meagan Young look alike, you agree? During the first week she displays a very strong and naughty personality. I don't know if she is seeking too much attention or she is just plain attention seeker? -- Huh?! LOL...In fairness, the following weeks are different. She calms down and lay low. Becoming good I supposed.

As of this writing, the second evictee for this season is Angelika "Nikka" Felize Barbaza Javier.

PBB Teen Season 4 has been earning different criticism, most of them are not so good. Girls fight a lot, tensions and emotions are too high.

I hate and like watching PBB Teen Edition 4 at the same time. It's just too scary that teens like them are becoming rampant.

'till my next entry Cute-rs!


joiz said...

I am vouching for Myrtle. I would love to see a Cosplayer become a Big Winner. She is highly marketable!

ShawCute said...

That's what I first thought about Mrtyle. However, I still bet for the twins :)