Wednesday, May 02, 2012

My Version of Refrigerated Cake

One of my passion is cooking and baking. But lately I don't have much time to cook as much as I like.

Nevertheless, I still managed to squeezed in a little time to prepare Refrigerated Cake yesterday.


    3/4 cup condensed milk
    1 1/2 cup (1 1/2 250 ml brick) all purpose cream
    3 tablespoons M.Y. San Grahams Honey, crushed
    1 200 g handypack M.Y. San Grahams Honey
    3/4 cup condensed milk


1. Do Filling - In a bowl, combine chilled cream and condensed milk.
2. Layer - graham crackers in a pan. Pour cream and on top your choice of toppings. Repeat process to make 2-3 layers. Ending with the cream on top.
3. Finish - sprinkle crushed grahams on top of cream
4. Chill and Serve.

Choice of Toppings:

Slices of Peaches
Slices of Mangoes

Cooking is one of the many ways on how I express my love for my family. Not to mention eating is really fun and a bonding moment for us.

Happy Eating Cute-rs!

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