Sunday, May 27, 2012

Movie Pick: Hurt Locker

Last night was a movie night at a friend's place.

"Hurt Locker" is an old movie. It won best picture and best director. We knew that, we already have a copy of it at home but we haven't thought of watching it for the longest time. Well, not until tonight.

Our friend, whom we haven't seen for two years showed us "Hurt Locker". From then on, we got interested and wanted to finish it. -- and so we did. We brought food to munch while watching.



We enjoyed watching the his big screen =P

The movie is great but it made me think about our army friend. I don't think it's safe in that kind of place...

After the movie, we had a quick light snack.

That's about my Saturday night. Simple movie and simple food ﭢ

How was you Saturday night, Cute-rs?

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