Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mochi Creme Cutie!

Have you tried those cute soft balls that comes in different colors? I did, it's delicious and it's cute!

Mochi Creme - Japanese Ice Cream is located at Mall of Asia, 2nd level. My daughter and I are ecstatic when we find out that there is a Mochi Creme kiosk in MOA. What we did was to look for it and try some for ourselves. The price ranges from Php60-65. The flavors are 'Azuki Red Bean' - P65.00,  'Black Sesame' - P65.00, 'Green Tea' - P65.00, 'Blue Vanilla' - P65.00, 'Mango' - P60.00, 'Chocolate' - P60.00, 'Strawberry' P60.00 and 'Purple Yum' P60.00

We bought Blue Vanilla and Azuki Red Bean flavor.

Mochi ice cream is a Japanese sweet dessert made from mochi (pounded sticky rice) with different flavor of ice cream filling.

My verdict: The taste is delicious, I like the sweet pounded sticky rice and the ice cream inside is rich in flavor too. PLUS it's too cute! The downside: It kinda melts quick so after you bought it you need to eat it immediately. Then it is a bit pricey too. One mochi, like the size of a golf ball for P60-65 or almost $1.42. But it does not hurt at all if you try and give yourself a treat sometimes. *wink*

I just love those cute sweet treat! Don't you Cute-rs?

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