Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Men in Black III" tops "The Avengers" this weekend!

And it's "Men in Black III" on top! With a $70 Million gross from all over the world this weekend, they made it to the top.

Will Smith and the rest of the stars of "Men in Black III" won this weekend! They are now on the number one spot and making the "The Avenger" land on the second spot.

It's a good start for "Men in Black III" team. Let's hope it will carry on...

Now this made me want to watch this movie more..I wonder when will that be since I am not seeing it happening soon. I had a lot of delays when it comes to work because of all the get-together with friends and other significant events --- BUT I am not complaining. I am just saying, since I had the best of times.

Lately, events are happening too fast. I am overwhelmed of course...teehee! Summer will officially be over soon...I am almost ready, but not excited about it.

After the Summer season it will be Rainy season soon...I hope we don't have too much heavy storm coming up.

Anyway, I need to complete my check list soon...

'till then Cute-rs!

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