Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lady Gaga's 2-Days Concert Pushes through in Manila

Despite of all the protests  by Several Religious Groups in Manila against Lady Gaga's "The Born This Way Ball" Concert, it still pushes through in SM Arena in Pasay City May 21 and 22.

Here is a photo of a group of people who like to stop Lady Gaga's concert.

It's been a successful concert for the little monster. The arena is packed with Gaga's fans. When Gaga sings "Judas" - the most controversial song, Filipino crowd roared with thunderous cheers.

This made Gaga exclaimed: “Oh, you like this song, huh…”

The 26-year old singer does not give a damn uttering the F word. She said in between her songs: “Manila, are you having fun? If you’re not, I don’t give a f*ck!!!” - talking about freedom of speech.

Gaga is fully aware of her critics and this is what she have to say:
"I’m not an alien, I’m not a woman, I’m not a man, and I’m not a creature of your government, Manila.    
I’m all your dreams and I’m all your potential.
Let me be all your insecurities and your fears.  
I’m your future… I’m everything that makes you sad and angry.    
I’m you, little monsters.    
Tonight’s not about making a statement. Tonight's us all coming together because we believe we were all born this way.    
Some people say I stand for things that are bad.    
The truth is: I want the best for every single one of you..."
From my Facebook I read a friend's post: "Why the heck you are opposing much to a 2-day concert and fear that it will affect the values of our youth wherein you have more days to mold it as parents, as community, as a country! Don't you trust the youth or you don't trust yourself either"

My stand,  I don't like Lady Gaga's choice of lyrics but I like her melody. She is unique in choosing her wardrobe and that is perfectly fine. She has opinions and most of them are not bad.

How the youth will be in the future is not fully molded by one singer nor one concert alone. There is more to one's personality development than just music.

On the other hand, I hope Gaga will divert her lyrics into a more morale-friendly. She is not the only one who have a bizarre choice of lyrics but that does not count her on the good side - but she is not entirely bad either.

So, does this mean that Lady Gaga will not go to heaven?

I'm just wondering what is her difference to the person who's seated in a position who steals money from the people? -- oh, I guess it's the song! =P

Just saying~

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