Friday, May 25, 2012

IAN SOMERHALDER at Mall of Asia!

What a day!!! I SAW IAN SOMERHALDER ~faint~

Today is such a chaotic day for me. We arrived at SM Mall of Asia at 1:00PM and by then the place is already swarming with people and everybody is so damn excited to see Ian Somerhalder.

This is how the place looks like when we arrived. Look how far we are from the stage. People are already taken their place.

We then decided to transfer at the right side of the stage where Ian Somerhalder will walk by.

Ian coming down the stairs, he is the one with his signature hat.

This is the time where I can't take the crowd anymore. I was suffocating...

Again, we had to transfer to where people are not that crowded.

He is soooo CUTE!

This is our actual location. Just look at the people...

He is soooo adorable...♥♥♥

After the event it's time to take a breath...

...and enjoy a walk with family and friends...

This is my first time to experience such crowd. The crowd composed of 95% Girls and more than half of it are between 15-25 years of age. And they cheer like there's no tomorrow. The crowd is sooo loud that I can't even hear my own voice!

The place was so humid and people go elbow to elbow plus sweat! -- a LOT of sweat!

When Ian appeared on the stairs girls started to go wild! I was pushed here and there and that's where I started suffocating that I can't hardly breathe...That's when I knew I needed to get out of there. Then we looked for a spot where the crowd is not that thick.

Because of the tall crowd I can't see Ian from where we are standing, good thing my kind and strong hubby carried me on his shoulders. -- I can see Ian now! From time to time he would put me down and carried my daughter too. It was really tiring for him but he did that for us. :)

The experience was brand new, full of screams, smiles, cheers, pushing, sweat and fun all rolled into one huge Ian Somerhalder good looking experience. 

Did I mentioned Ian Somerhalder is soooo CUTE? ヅ

After that tiring but unforgettable event my family along with friends took the time out and had our late lunch. We had time relax a little, walked around and talked about our experience with Ian Somerhalder's meet-and-greet too then walked a few more. Afterwards we had a simple dinner before calling it a night.

What a tiring but awesome night! Hmmm....


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