Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer Outing the 2nd Time Around!

Hello Cute-rs how was your day? Mine was unexpected! At 2:30 AM my family and I thought of going with our friend in a beach down south.

At 5:45 AM we're on the road en route the beach!

 It was such an abrupt decision. It was unplanned for us, I packed the quickest possible way I can and hit the road early. 

It's nice to see how nature looks like in the morning! I saw the clear sky, the bright ray of the sun and the greenery side of the province.

Our destination: 'Kabayan Resort' in San Juan Batangas. It was a long drive but it was fun. When we reached 'Kabayan Resort' it was fully booked so we transferred to a different resort.

Presenting: 'Paseo Verde Beach Resort'

And the beach looks different...why? Because the last time I've been to the beach was like 10 years ago. -- yup, that looooooong!

The truth is, I don't mind if I didn't took a dip on the water. What's important is I saw the beach and I've been to the beach again.

All-in-all it was a different experience for us. First and foremost, this is an unplanned Summer Outing. No foods were prepared and we packed instantly. -- *whispers* -- good thing I didn't forget any thing.

~Well, this is not the first time we go unplanned but every time it happens, it always like the first. Because no matter how prepared you are in planning, packing and executing is a total different issue. And the fact that this is unplanned it is way, way different. =P

Secondly, the only person we knew personally on this beach outing is our friend. The rest was his neighbors-slash-friends whom are all friendly and kind.

Third, one of the farthest we've been from our home towards down South. Ironic -- I was born from the South, I studied there till I finished high school, but this is my first time in San Juan Batangas.

After the beach, I had the chance to see my Alma Matter again after so many years.

Canossa Academy, Lipa City Batangas
I have lots of memory of this school. I enjoyed my years of studying here. I had a great time with this school, my teachers, classmates and friends.

The total experience is fun and tiring but it's all worth it! I'm glad that we came, or else we won't meet new friends.

Summer is almost over, luckily we had one more summer outing experience with old and new friends :) -- to cherish, to talked about and to write on my blog.

until next time,

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