Friday, May 04, 2012

Fly with Hello Kitty Plane!

I found this cute Airbus A330-300 aircraft of Taiwan's Eva Airlines on Yahoo. This is Taiwan's second-largest air carrier. Braise yourselves with this Hello Kitty-themed aircraft which was launched October 2011.

Hello Kitty headrest cover
 I wanna try...
Hello Kitty themed flight-in meals

Hello Kitty-themed in-flight dessert set

Hello Kitty-themed check-in counters

Hello Kitty-themed boarding passes

Hello Kitty themed light box
OMG! These are all sooo cute...

Hello Kitty themed products on display

There are a total of 3 airbuses available. Oh I'm sure flying with this themed airbuses will surely add pleasure to the travel.

Just loving life more everyday...


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