Thursday, May 10, 2012

Coolest Wedding Ring Ever!

What will you feel if your wedding ring was forge by the man you'll marry? And how cool is that?

The epic wedding ring is made of meteorite.

Laporkstein, an artist all his life want to make his wedding memorabl. And thought of doing something different and special for their big day.

Prior to his wedding Laporkstein does not have experience working with metal. So forging their own wedding ring is a challenge for him.

It took him a year to decide to forge the ring and took him a few weeks on research.

He practice making ring on ordinary metal first before going into the real thing.

He spends $200 on an online market where he bought a chunk of meteorite and $100 on books and other materials.

How sweet is that?

This happened three years ago.

The meteorite is actually a Gibeon meteorite.

This became a family heirloom and will live forever...

A sweet and thoughtful husband...

How was your wedding day Cute-rs?

Mine is simple, attended with close relatives. Very few people indeed. Memorable too. I guess that's how it's suppose to be.

closing in,

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