Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Busy Night: Tekken and Sing-a-long Night with Friends!

Hello Cute-rs! How's life? Me? I've been busy since last night that is why I wasn't able to post on my blog. But nonetheless it was all worth it, because I had fun singing, laughing and eating all night long.

The first photo is US. The guys and my daughter playing Tekken. It was full of fun.☺ The guys are losing while my daughter is winning =P

This next photo is US, again - singing! Another fun filled and laughing activity! ☺ Another memorable event, I had stomach ache from laughing too much!

Then there's Pizza Time courtesy of our good friend! =P

It was another moment to remember and cherish. I'm so glad I have them for a friend. It maybe another year or so before such event happen again and to gather these people but it's ok. I understand that this is life. People leave in order to live. However, no matter how apart we will be the friendship will always remain intact.

Again, I thank God for people like them and times like this.


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