Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wild Slides!

Before Summer ends, I would like to ask you Cute-rs how brave are you?

While browsing I found these 5 wildest water slides in the world. Take a look...


The first slide is called "Isano" located at Beach Park, Fortaleza, Brazil. From the name itself, this slide is insane!

Leap of Faith

The second one is named "Leap of Faith". You can find this slide at Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island, Bahamas. You will have a chance to swim with sharks, so are you ready to take a leaf of faith?

The Mammoth
"The Mammoth" is located at Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN. Well, at least this does not look soo scary. You can share the experience with 5 more people in a spinning raft, so this should be fun!

Scorpion's Tail

This slide is from Noah's Ark Family Park, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin and it's called the "Scorpion's Tail". The loop will give you an abrupt push. Yikes!

Summit Plummet
This slide is called the "Summit Plummet" from Disney's Blizzard Beach at Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, Florida. So this is inside Disney? I wonder is Mickey already tried this slide?

Just by looking at this slides I know I will not try this, not now, not ever -- except for the Mammoth -- maybe! Jeez...they look scary as hell to me...hihihi...

Would you like to venture into one or more of these slides?


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