Friday, May 25, 2012

Anne Curtis to do a Hollywood Film! ✰

Anne Curtis is one lucky girl!

Last May 23, Anne Curtis had to say goodbye to her 'It's Showtime' family. It was an emotional moment for her since she was with them for 3 three long years.

But her goodbye is only temporary. She will be leaving the Philippines for a month to shoot a Hollywood film. Anne was given a chance to do a full-length movie after she was chosen by the casting director of the said film.  And Anne is very excited!

However, the said news is not yet confirmed. But let's all wait and see what may happen in the next months...

As for Anne's statement: “It’s something to do with pursuing my dream. It’s a new chapter in my life, something that’s challenging. I just really, really want to do it,”

Don't worry too much for all Anne's Cute-rs-fans. She will still come back after a month. She still has some commitment to finish. A movie and a T.V. Series is still on her plate...

Good Luck Anne Curtis!

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