Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Anne Curtis' new movie with title: "Blood Ransom"

Directed by Filipino-American, Francis dela Torre, Anne Curtis will also star in "Blood Ransom" movie in Hollywood.

This is the reason why Anne Curtis left It's Showtime last May 23, temporarily. It is to give way to her dream. As she puts it, another chapter in her life that she must be proud of.

"Blood Ransom" synopsis:
The story of "Blood Ransom" starts when Jeremiah, a Filipino immigrant hiding in America from his past, is forced into a plot to kidnap Crystal, his American boss’s beautiful young girlfriend, the plot goes terribly wrong when Jeremiah’s accomplices botch up the simple plan. Jeremiah’s boss, Roman, unleashes the psychopathic hit man, Bill, to hunt down the kidnappers. When Crystal refuses Jeremiah’s offer to return her to Roman, Jeremiah and Crystal begin a dangerous love affair on the run.With Bill, hot on their trail, Jeremiah must stay one step ahead, as Bill coldly murders every rival and innocent bystander in his blood lust to find his prey. As the danger hurtles forward, Jeremiah and Crystal’s love growing with every hour they’re together, a darker deeper secret burns within Crystal. It is a frightening secret that not only threatens their love for each other; it throws the very nature of her humanity in peril.
Anne must be very excited! Good luck Anne...♥


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