Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Woman / A Man / A Man-giving-birth

This is Tracy Lagondino, born as a woman, a Girl Scout when she was young, former model then became a finalist in a Miss Hawaii Teen USA pageant.

Tracy Lagondino

She was a woman for 2 decades. This is Tracy Lagondino now.

Thomas Beatie
From being a woman she is now Thomas Beatie. Thomas, was once a woman who drastically decided to switched to a male identity, legally She is now a Man. While doing so he preserved his female reproductive organs.

In 2008, with wife Nancy, they decided to have a baby. Unfortunately His wife was not able to conceived. Thomas offered himself to carry the baby. Using a donor sperm and Thomas' egg He became pregnant through artificial insemination. From then on he was named "The Pregnant Man"

The Pregnant Man

In 2009 he gave birth to their second child. And another baby in 2010.

His story was all over the news. There has been issues regarding religious belief and such. But the world is changing, people are recreating and people are reacting. It is not in my hands to judge and to condemn. My stand is simple. If what ever makes you happy, go for it. As long as you don't step on someone else's toes it does not matter.

Just recently, Thomas and wife Nancy split up. -- awww too bad. Maybe one day they will find their own peace.

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