Monday, April 30, 2012

Versatile Potatoes

I love eating potatoes. Do you? I think potato is one of the most versatile vegetable we have.

According to wikipedia, there are almost 40,000 varieties of potatoes. I can't name them all but I can show you a few:

Potatoes contain natural vitamins and minerals. This veggie also contain assortment of phytochemicals, like carotenoids and natural phenols.

I named my entry "Versatile Potatoes", why? because of the following:

First, potatoes can be served "Hot"

 Others like their potatoes "Cold"

 Do you like Baked Potato? "Healthy" Is it.

 Potatoes can be turned into the best junk food in town. "Unhealthy" -- hmmm yeah!

 Some like it "Simple"

While others attracted to "Fancy" Potatoes.

One of my favorite chips, "To go" Potatoes.

How many veggies can you do all these?

Bis zum nächsten Mal,

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