Tuesday, April 17, 2012

TV Pick: Touch Season 1 Episodes 2-4

Who's watching Touch, the series? Last night my hubby and I watched 3 episodes of Touch. Each episode tells a different story. You won't miss a major story if you skip one episode. -- well, not to mention if Martin Bohm, played by Kiefer Sutherland, will get full custody of his son Jake.

But don't get me wrong, I love Touch. I like how they link the story from one to another. This proves, one small act of kindness can go a million mile. You may or may not know it.

Tim Kring described the show as being "how our lives all TOUCH one another". ---awww touchy!

Episode synopsis borrowed from Imdb.com

Episode 2: 1+1=3:
Despite she witnessing Jake's possible communication through numbers and despite Jake having run away to home, Clea is still convinced that Jake is better off under Child and Family Services care. Before Clea whisks Jake away, Jake gives his father what Martin believes is a local telephone number. That number does lead Martin to a pawn shop owned and operated by Arnie Klepper. After visiting the shop, Martin believes that part of his purpose was to prevent the armed robbery that occurred while he was in the shop. Arnie is however ungrateful for Martin's appearance as ...

Episode 3: Safety in Numbers:
Jake is still in the custody of Child and Family Services. Despite Martin knowing that Jake is now communicating with him via numbers, Martin is still concerned that the review will find him an unfit parent as he chases these numbers. He gets some help from Arthur in this matter. Martin is also concerned about the news that Jake feels pain until the issue with each of these numbers is resolved. Regardless, Jake is able to provide Martin with another number, this one scribbled on a piece of paper with the picture of a dragon. At an accident scene where a woman is hit ...

Episode 3: Entanglement:
The authorities will be doing their evaluation of Jake and Martin to see if Jake should remain under state care or be returned home. Both Martin and Clea are hopeful that Jake will be able to go home as Jake's behavior is much more "normal" when his father is around. A potential obstacle is the submission made to the evaluation committee by Abigail Kelsey, Martin's sister-in-law who once tried to get custody of Jake following Sarah's death. On the way to the evaluation meeting, Martin's laptop is stolen by a career petty thief. Martin chases the thief onto a bus, the ...

Happy watching cuters!

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