Wednesday, April 18, 2012

TV Pick: Touch S1E5 and Game of Thrones S2E1

Hello cuters! How's your day? As for me, nothings beats work, but I gotta love it! So far I'm trying to catch up with my long line up of T.V. series.

Before I slept I watched Touch' Episode 5 and Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 1. Touch's story has already the momentum started on my head while the first episode of Game of Thrones gives me confusion. I think I forgot the base story of GoT already.

Synopsis borrowed from

"Touch" - Episode 5: Entanglement

The number 22 figures in this episode as Jake's evaluation draws near. The number leads Martin to a bus and a girl named Marisol seeking revenge on the man who murdered her family. Teller tries to bond with Norah, his socially-outcast daughter.

"Game of Thrones" - Season 2 Episode 1: The North Remembers

To Cersei's dismay, Tyrion takes up his post as acting Hand at King's Landing. At Dragonstone, Stannis Baratheon proclaims allegiance to Melisandre's new god and lays public claim to the Iron Throne, revealing Joffrey's bastardy. As this news reaches the capital, the Gold Cloaks slaughter Robert's bastards. Having won three victories, Robb Stark offers the Lannisters peace in exchange for the North's independence, sending Theon to gain Balon Greyjoy's support and Catelyn to seek Renly Baratheon's. Beyond the Wall, the Night's Watch find shelter with the Wildling Craster and his daughter-wives. In Essos, as her people slowly die in the Red Waste, Daenerys sends out riders to look for help.

There you have it cuters a glimpse of what those 2 episodes are about. I will try to watch again tonight. Let see if I can watch "The Vampire Diaries" --- oh I miss Elena and Damon already or if I can continue with "Game of Thrones" second episode.

What's your favorite T.V. Series?

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