Sunday, April 15, 2012

Summer Fun

My hubby and I together with our friends talked about going out for a Summer Outing Thursday night, on Friday night we planned it and execute our plan Saturday. Fast huh?! That's what you call excited!

Looking at the view...

...with people enjoying the water.

this is our spot

preparing lunch

the place

more people

the slide

 I love the sun!

...more fun in the water!

Guess what, I don't know how to swim! Lol! But that does not stop me from enjoying the moment with family and friends. We do this Summer outing once a year.

The place is not the best compared to our last swimming. But we did enjoyed the warm water. I felt my muscles relax. Also, during this time the foods that we prepared are my favorites. Grilled pork, grilled fish, grilled hotdog (for the kids), salted eggs and fruits. Oh I just love grilled foods! Do you agree?

As we end the day, we are all tired but it's worth it. We left the resort and hit the road at 7pm. We're home at 9:30 pm because of the traffic.

Summer is a time for another get-together with friends. I hope you guys already spent some quality time with friends.

...enjoying the summer,

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