Sunday, April 29, 2012

Say a little prayer for Avery and children like her

This video of Estella Sweetman Lopez brought tears into my eyes.

Estella and Baby Avery Lynn Canahuati introduces me to SMA.

What is SMA?
-SMA is the #1 genetic killer of infants & children under the age of 2. Babies with SMA type 1 will lose the ability to move their legs and eventually lose the ability to move their arms and their head.  When that happens it will be difficult and impossible for their body to pump air through their lungs which is why most babies, who are diagnosed with SMA type 1 have a life expectancy of less than two years of age. There is no cure.

"SMA is a rare and incurable genetic disorder"

Avery Lynn Canahuati

This cute little baby is Avery Lynn Canahuati, she is 5 months old.  She tells her story on her blog and she also shares her bucket list. You may visit her blog and see her pictures with full of smiles.

I, like Avery Lynn's parents would like to share this story for everyone to be aware of this killer disease.

Please share the word, have an early test for your baby. I also plea for everyone to offer prayers that these little angels like Avery Lynn and all babies suffering from SMA will have a happy life while they are still here on earth. I also pray that one day, doctors will find a cure for SMA.

This kind of story breaks my heart. To Avery's parents and to all the parents out there who has a child with SMA, God Bless you all!

Visit Avery's website to get to know her story and her bucket list at

praying hard,


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