Sunday, April 08, 2012

My Holy Week

What can I say with my Holy Week. I can sum it up into 3 parts: foods, X-box and work. Yep, work!

The highlights are with my auntie and cousins, they came to spend a few days at home. We had quiet days, a few stories and laughter to share and bonding moments.

Holy Week is a time for fasting and abstinence, we also refrain from eating meat. Abstinence -- YES!, fasting -- hmmm...can't quite figure out we did this one.

We feast on simple foods at home. Simple but very delicious since it was shared with the whole family -- and extended family!

We had Inihaw na Tilapia (Grilled Tilapia), with soy sauce, kalamansi, tomatoes and onion.

One of my favorite, Paksiw na Bangus (Fish in Vinegar Sauce)

Simple but comfy...Chicken Sopas

...for ☂hot summer we welcome the coolness and sweetness of Banana con Yelo
We also had Turon (Banana Plantain Rolls in Sugar)
But we are not finish yet, my daughter and cousin enjoyed playing  these:

Harry Potter Lego Years 1-4, all my memories from Harry Potter the movies and books came back to me. How I also miss Harry Potter's theme song.

Now here comes the sweat...whew! Who does not love ♫dancing?

And the best part of all:

work work work! :)

Did I had a meaningful Holy Week? Yes, I did! they say, save the best for last. Holy Week is not complete without ✞prayers. 

Keep on praying folks even if Holy Week is over...


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