Thursday, April 19, 2012

More Magnum Ice Cream Please!

I have to admit, one is not enough and I have to taste all 3!!! I thought I will be satisfied with tasting just one Magnum Ice Cream but I'm wrong. I want to taste all 3 variants. And so my hubby and I went to about 7 convenient stores just to buy those Magnum hype Ice Cream. You are asking why 7? -- all 6 convenient stores run out of stocks. Imagine 6 convenient stores, I was like 'is everyone really buying those ice cream bars? Well, I guess so, since I myself is dragging my hubby along and hopping from one convenient store to another and searching for those ice cream bars. -- talking about obsession huh?!

Just a recap, I already have an entry regarding this heavenly ice cream, click here to read. Now I got all 3 flavors: Chocolate Truffle, Almond and Classic.

Chocolate Truffle



While Chocolate Truffle is all chocolatey, Magnum Ice Cream: Almond tastes as equally heaven but much sweeter on the side. There's creamy vanilla ice cream on the inside which is very rich in flavor. And on the outside is a decent thick chocolate coating plus an additional almond bits on the shell.

As for the Classic one, it's the same as the Almond flavor minus the almonds.

There you have it cute-rs, all cravings satisfied!

I like Chocolate Truffle the best, which one is yours?

satisfied me,

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