Thursday, April 19, 2012

Magnum Ice Craze

Finally I get to taste the most famous ice cream to date, Magnum Ice Cream by Selecta.

Magnum Ice Cream was launched in the Philippines March 14, 2012. It was a star studded event that was held in Makati City. Magnum Ice Cream is a Belgian chocolate covered ice cream bar.

You can buy Magnum for P50 or $1.20. It comes in 3 flavors, Classic, Almond and Chocolate Truffle. I bought the latter.

The ice cream is so creamy, it melts in your mouth and the Belgian chocolate that covers the ice cream is oh so delicious. It's rich in chocolate flavor inside and out. This is a perfect luxurious treat for all ice cream and chocolate lovers.

The down side -- Magnum ice cream is overpriced and over rated. Sure it is delicious but it is not the only one. Just like iPad and iPhone, it's hype!

So, have you tasted Magnum Ice Cream already?

'till my next entry cuters!

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