Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I am a certified Pet Lover!

I love pets! Ever since I was a child I always have a dog. As I grew my passion for pets never left in fact it multiply from dogs, to fishes, hamsters, love birds, doves, chickens and cats. In some point in my life I had the chance to take care each one of them.And I'm glad I did.

I'd like to show all of you Cute-rs some of my past pets and my present pets:

This is our first cat Chi-chi in the year 2003


Sleeping Chi-Chi

In the same year, 2003 we adopted Fluffy:
Baby Fluffy

So fluffy...

I also had Hamsters for pet.

This is our ever loyal cat, Nia
Nia da Cat
She is my daughter's favorite

Our first white cat, Marie!

Marie the White Cat

Our fluffy is a big fluffy in 2012!

She is my loyal and most kind dog ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿. She loves me unconditionally. And I love her too.

Our Kittens through the years 2009:

 With Nia the mother:

Kittens in 2010:

2011 Kittens:

Year 2011 Marie's offsprings:
Mario and Dulcia
Nia's offsprings:
Puss and Boots

The orange cats belong to Nia and the white cats belong to Marie :

This is Mario 2012:
Thank you for the memories Mario:
He died March 26, 2012 - hit by a car =(

And here are my aquatic friends:

Gold Fish

Red Cap, Bull Head, Calico and Black Moore

My favorite cat: Dulcia

Pets today: Fluffy, Marie, Nia, Puss and Boots, Aquatic Friends and Dulcia.

My pets are my friends, I treasure all of them, give them attention and my T.L.C. (tender loving care). 

What's you favorite pet Cute-rs?

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