Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Hunger Games' star - Katnis Everdeen now a Barbie

Nope, I am not yet through with The Hunger Games. Aside from this movies is doing really really well with $33.1M profit, they also release it's very own Barbie figure. From the makers of the famous Barbie Dolls, Mattel is to release their version of 'Hunger Games' - Katnis Everdeen Barbie. Cool huh?! Check this out:

Judging by the looks, this barbie is so Katnis-like don't you think? Mattel has put much effort to give full details on the face and on the outfit from the boots to the famous Katnis-signatured hairstyle.

Do you like the new Katnis Everdeen Barbie?

♫ Lalalalala ♫

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